Steve Rybka

Dec 1947 - May 2022

A Life of Passion

Passion and Fun

Life Lived to its Fullest

Steve Rybka was a passionate leader, dedicated husband and father, hard working businessman, and lots of fun. His larger-than-life personality is hard to summarize in words, but his joy and enthusiasm was felt as soon as he walked into a room. He was quick to take charge, to help others, to give away money, and to make a joke. He made mundane things more fun and truly enjoyed every part of life. His greatest joy was his wife of 39 years, Pam Rybka. 

Steve was the epitome of living as a “human being” not a “human doing”. He worked hard and balanced that by always encouraging rest, enjoyment, and being thankful for everything. Steve brought these qualities into everything he did, both in his career as a salesman and in everyday life with his wife and kids. 

Steve’s life was changed on December 14, 1980 when Dave Burnham was preaching at The Chapel in Akron. After hearing a sermon on the legacy of Jesus’ father Joseph, Steve walked to the front of the church and asked God to change his character and legacy. That day was the beginning of his relationship with Jesus. Steve and Pam volunteered with The Gideons International for 35 years. He said “Their mission is to win boys and girls, men and women to Jesus Christ. What could be better than that?” Steve spoke at countless churches over those 35 years, raising money so they could hand out Bibles all over Ohio.

Some of Steve’s favorite activities included anything with his wife “PJ”, giving outrageously generous tips, driving in his convertible, sitting in the sun, setting off fireworks, curating the perfect playlist, and being with his family.

Steve died at 74 years old after a very difficult fight with ALS. His wife, kids, and grandkids will miss him every day. Instead of a traditional funeral, Steve planned a destination funeral in Florida for his family.

If you’re interested in reading more about Steve, he wrote a book the last year of his life that you can learn about and download below.

Making Life Joyful

Steve’s Book

In 2021, Steve wrote a book about his life. He answered one question each week, telling stories about the highs, the lows, and the lessons of his 74 years. We would love you to read it! You can download the PDF with the button below, or email if you’re interested in buying a hard copy.

A Note about Steve

We know Steve’s joy and enthusiasm was experienced by many of you, and we would love to hear about it! Would you be willing to share a note, story, or memory about Steve that will be shared with his family?

Spotify Playlists

Steve constantly had music playing. He had a speaker tucked in every room in his house and a portable Bluetooth speaker anytime he was outdoors. He even took it on vacation! We would love to share two of his personally curated playlists with you.


Steve spoke at churches all around Medina County for over 35 years, sharing about the work of The Gideons and raising money to pass out Bibles. Here is one of his last messages from February 2021.

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